Leadership Austin Cathedral

The core desire of the ministry team at the Austin Cathedral is to serve, support, and care for the church family as we grow together in Unity and Oneness: first with Christ, and then with one another.


  • Bill & Sue Hart

    Bill & Sue Hart Senior Pastors

    Bill began his walk with the Lord in the early 1970’s. His encounter in God’s cloud of Glory ignited and continues to stir in him a passion for the presence and Glory of the Living God. Since surrendering to preach in those early days, Bill and Sue Hart have pioneered four churches, settling in Austin to establish Cathedral of Praise (now Austin Cathedral) in 1984.

    At the heart of Bill's leadership is a focus on connection to the Father and to one another in the Spirit. This mutual connection to the Spirit of God unifies us, and creates a people that possess one heart, one voice, and one vision: to reveal who the Father is to the Earth. Under Bill and Sue Hart, Austin Cathedral continues to press in toward the manifestation of the Kingdom of God in this region, and all over the world.

  • Darren & Jennifer Shaw

    Darren & Jennifer Shaw Associate Pastors

    Darren is an Associate Pastor and Worship Pastor at Austin Cathedral. With joy, passion, and authenticity, Darren leads the church each service in a corporate offering that lifts God up and establishes His Kingdom. The emphasis on congregational participation, original songs created by church members, and spontaneous Spirit-led worship make worship at the Cathedral a powerful and unique experience.

    Jennifer Hart Shaw is Associate Pastor and the Austin Cathedral Church Administrator, and also oversees all Student Ministries. Jennifer has a passion for people and believes that all of God’s children have a calling and purpose over their lives. Her great joy is in helping others to find their purpose and realize who they are in Christ.

  • Cheryl Davis

    Cheryl Davis Associate Pastor

    Encouraging, joyful and revelatory, Cheryl has been pastoring and mentoring people for a long time, being set into leadership in 2014. In addition to her role as Associate Pastor, Cheryl mentors and ministers to many people individually, and is passionate about building up the church body. Cheryl and Joel provide leadership and foundational support to our church family. They have a heart for adventure, traveling and exporting the Kingdom life that is so prevalent here at home

Leadership Team

  • Todd & Elizabeth Plank Senior Leaders

    Todd & Elizabeth Plank

    Todd & Elizabeth Plank Senior Leaders

    Todd and Elizabeth’s leadership skills, wisdom, and genuine love for people have made them a valuable part of the Austin Cathedral leadership team, and cherished by the church as a whole. In addition to their role as Journey Group leaders, the Planks play vital leadership roles in our men’s and women’s groups.

  • Bill & Stacey Reid Youth & Anchor Group Leaders

    Bill & Stacey Reid

    Bill & Stacey Reid Youth & Anchor Group Leaders

    Bill and Stacey lead two very important groups at Austin Cathedral: our Youth Group (ages 12-18) and our Anchor young adults group (ages 18-29). With backgrounds and experience in youth ministry, missions, and prophetic ministry, they are helping the future generations grow and become manifestations of the love, power, and nature of God.

  • Aaron & Rachel Deckler Children's Church Leaders

    Aaron & Rachel Deckler

    Aaron & Rachel Deckler Children's Church Leaders

    Aaron and Rachel Deckler lead the Austin Cathedral Children’s Ministry. They have hearts of compassion and a vision to lead young people into the deeper things of God. As a highly creative and innovative team, Aaron and Rachel engage the children of the Cathedral in the truths of God, and in encounters with the Holy Spirit.