Sunday Services Update

Austin Cathedral Sunday Service Update: 

Many have contacted us to confirm whether or not we will be having our regular Sunday service, in light of current COVID-19 virus concerns. Just to be clear, at Austin Cathedral we will be having our regularly-scheduled church service this Sunday, March 15; start time is 10:30am.

We understand that some may have concerns about attending group events; if you have safety concerns, are currently feeling symptomatic or sick, or fall into one of the higher-risk demographics (older adults, or people who have a serious long-term health condition), we strongly encourage you to watch Sunday’s service from home. You will be able to live stream the full service at the following two addresses: or 

All who choose to attend service in person will be encouraged to exercise everyday, common-sense precautions: limit close contact, wash or clean hands with soap or sanitizer, limit contact with high-touch surfaces, etc.. 

We look forward to Sunday morning, and whether you decide to join us in person or via livestream, we pray the Lord will move powerfully in your life during the service!

** This has been a quickly-evolving situation; if any changes or updates for Austin Cathedral members need to be made, we will send them via email, and post them to our Website, FaceBook page, and Instagram and Twitter accounts.